Champurrado is an amazing Winter breakfast treat, or perfect for that cool Autumn day. Part of the Atole family of drinks, variations are found in many Latin American cultures. Though the recipe below is Mexican.

And if you haven’t yet seen the video,  Watch it here

3 cups of water
2 cinnamon sticks
1 whole star anise
¼ cup masa harina
2 cups milk
½ disk chopped Ibarra chocolate
3 oz piloncilio chopped (i’ll find the vol. measurement)

large stockpot
molinillo or whisk
knife for chopping

in a large pot bring to a boil water with cinnamon and star anise.
remove from heat and let steep for 10 min. then remove spices
return to low heat and slowly add masa to the warm water, whisking until combined
add milk, chocolate, and piloncillo
cook over medium heat until just boiling.
with molinillo or whisk mix vigorously until sugar and chocolate are melted and a nice froth appears
serve immediately

Coarsely grate or chop the piloncillo for faster melting.
Chop the chocolate for faster melting.
Add the masa to the water slowly to avoid clumps
Froth with a molinillo (or a whisk) until thick foam appears.
To use a molinillo it is held between both hands and rubbed back and forth.
Find masa, Ibarra chocolate, and piloncillo at many Mexican or Latin American grocery stores

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