At High Beam, our idea board is running out of tacks.

But good ideas mean nothing without solid execution. So we back them up with an award winning production and post team that will work with you collaboratively to create a piece you’ll be proud of.

Our deep knowledge of web video and focus on content for tablets and mobile in recent years allows us to utilize the strength and potential of these new devices while minimizing any limitations in this brave new world of content consumption.

Food Video

With two James Beard Nominations, hundreds of videos shot on the subject, and the ability to work with such top chefs as Hubert Keller, Jamie Lauren, Michael Chiarello, and Andrea Ngyuen – we are authorities on shooting food.

And we’ve developed a unique visual style, which allows the viewer to become immersed in the cooking process. On top of that, our strong culinary knowledge allows us to go beyond just the role of videographer and really interpret the chef’s vision into captivating video content.

Tablet Tailored Video

From viewing size and orientation to ideal compression settings, there are many things to

consider when creating video to be seen on tablets, mobile phones and future consumption technologies entering the market.

Beyond just technical elements, we’re focused on how your video works with the other content on the page, and how the two can be structured to narratively work together. Be it a video cooking technique placed within a recipe or an animated graphic which provides figures of the topic being discussed – we help our clients with solutions that let the reader/viewer enjoy seamless consumption of multimedia.


Video is quickly becoming an integral part of a company’s branding, marketing, and social networking image.  But often the costs of hiring a professional production company for certain kinds of videos isn’t necessary.

And with the rise of inexpensive pocket cameras and built-in editing software, the power to create video content has never been easier.

High Beam teaches companies how to create and setup their own in-house video production studio. We custom tailor packages, which can include hardware, software, tutorials, best practices for production and post-production.  And once we have all the technical elements set-up, we sit down and work with our clients to develop the most enticing and efficient video franchises for your business.

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High Beam also teaches workshops geared towards bloggers to produce, shoot, and edit their own video content. Some of our featured workshops include:

  • Intro to Video Production
  • Shooting for mobile
  • Aesthetics of food videography (for food bloggers)